Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling Melbourne

Max entertaining you while balloon modelling Melbourne.

Max can arrange for his balloon modelling to be a competition while he is creating each item, keeping the kids heavily involved in the creative process.

He can also teach everyone how to make some basic balloon animals. 

Whatever the event Max will make it one that you will remember.
Max and his wife own a children’s entertainment agency called Princess Candy & Friends who have many other performers that can do Balloon modelling. If you would like a female balloon twister and also a different character please click here. 

Max the Magician has performed at 1000’s of children’s birthday parties as a full time magician where he supplies balloon items for each child. He also worked at Crown Casino for two and a half years performing roving close-up magic and balloon modelling. From many hours of performing experience, Max will take you on a journey with his gained skills of balloon modelling and interactive witty puns.    


Roving Close Up Magic.
Magic tricks for sale.
Balloon Modelling.
Temporary Glitter Tattoos.
Face Painting.

Balloon Modelling Melbourne


A real hands on workshop where Max will teach you how to make a Dog, Giraffe, sword, Butterfly just to name a few.
Please note! Amount of items is determined by the time of your booking and amount of people.

Age appropriate 4 to 104 and groups of 2 to 200.

Balloon Modelling Melbourne



Perfect for Birthday Parties, Social Clubs, Holiday Programs, or training your staff to offer balloons to customers.

Regardless of the suburb where you live if you search Balloon artist near me or balloon twisting hire Max can help as he travels anywhere.

Balloon Modelling Melbourne

While Max the Magician is bringing your balloon creations to life he has many many puns and jokes to share that fit in with what he is making for example:

While making an elephant:
How good are elephants at hiding in trees? They must be good, I’ve never seen an elephant hiding in a tree. I arrived here quite early today parked next to a tree. I was looking at the tree and I thought I saw a trunk. Oh noooo…. 

While making spider man or a man from two balloons:

There was an inflatable boy, and he goes to an inflatable school. While there, he finds himself having a really bad day. Bored with the lesson, he gets up and walks out of the inflatable classroom but, while walking down the corridor, he sees the inflatable headmaster approaching him.

The inflatable boy pulls out a pin and punctures the inflatable headmaster before running out of the inflatable school gates. Just as he gets past the gates, he thinks again, “I hate school”, and once more pulls out his pin and pokes it into the inflatable school. He then runs as fast as his inflatable legs allow, all the way home and races into his inflatable bedroom.

A couple of hours later, his inflatable mother is knocking at his bedroom door and with her are the inflatable Police. Panicking, our inflatable boy yet again pulls out the pin and jabs it into himself. Later on that evening, he wakes up in an inflatable hospital and, in the bed next to him, he sees the inflatable headmaster.

Shaking his deflated head – more in sorrow than in anger – the Headmaster gravely intones:

“You’ve let me down; you’ve let the school down, but worst of all, you’ve let yourself down.”

Balloon Modelling Melbourne specialising in balloon twisting for parties. Please call now for a balloon twisting price.

Princess Candy & Friends also have Glitter Tattoos for sale or many performers who can do face Painting.
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Balloon art Melbourne

Max is always up to date with his:
Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
Working with Children Check # 00086272-03.
Flu vaccination.
Fully covid vaccinated 2-11-2021.