Roving Magic

Roving Strolling close up magic Melbourne


Max will bring dynamic, interactive and engaging entertainment to your event ensuring your guests have a memorable experience.
Roving Strolling close up magic Melbourne.


Max the Magician is a 2 year running champion for the annual Magic competition called “Harmony” at The Magic Circle of Victoria.
The tricks that won Max this competition will WOW your audience.


His famous “Pothole” trick will amaze each and every guest, leaving them astonished by his interactive and comedic performance.
Max performed this routine each week for 3 years when he  worked at Crown Casino Melbourne.
Roving Strolling close up magic Melbourne.

Roving Strolling close up magic Melbourne. Why have Max perform Roving Strolling close up magic at your next event?

Max will surprise your guests with unbelievable magic.  The kind of magic that makes them say, “Wait, did that just happen?”  He will create incredible moments they will talk about for weeks. bring life, laughter, and jaw dropping magic to your event!

While Max roves around performing close-up magic he brings groups together that don’t know each other, “The perfect ICEBREAKER” 
With Max’s years of experience in close up magic, he has created his own tricks which are for sale
and purchased all across Melbourne.

Some of the Roving Strolling Close Up magic routines Max performs are:
Moving Pothole trick.
Impossible any card anywhere.
Penn & Teller Interactive card tear Love trick.
Transformation Peas to Pears.  
Sleight of hand coin routine.
Mind blowing Card to forehead trick.
Rubik’s cube.
Max has many other routines not listed that will also make your brain glitch.
The Roving Strolling close up magic specialist Melbourne based.

The three years that Max worked at the Crown casino in Melbourne gave Max time to master many effects that he continues to perform on a weekly basis.
He also performs his roving close up magic at weddings. 
Roving Strolling close up magic specialist Melbourne.

Other activities that compliment close up roving magic are Balloon Modelling and Face Painting.

Max first became interested in magic as a teenager. He became good friends with an English magician, Dave Kaffey who won the Close up magic competition with the Inner Circle of Magic in England. Dave taught Max some sleight of hand card moves which included the Pass, Palm and glimpse and from that point in time the adventure and passion began.
To this day Roving close up magic is still Max’s favourite type of magic. He enjoys the capture of the emotional hook then the punch of WOW at the end.  

Each month at the Magic Circle of Victoria, Magicians gather for their monthly meeting.  Every third Monday of the month they swap ideas and perform roving close up magic routines. If you are interested in magic, Max is more than happy to bring you along as a guest to this club which he is a member.
If so please send Max a message via the contact form.
The meetings a are usually held over a 3 hour period starting at 7pm.

Roving Strolling Close up Magic Melbourne

Max is always up to date with his:
Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
Working with Children Check # 00086272-03. 
Flu vaccination.
Fully covid vaccinated 2-11-2021.