School Holiday Entertainment

School Holiday Entertainment


Appearing broom prediction.
A magic trick called “Mind Control”
Washing bag trick with socks.
Hat trick using 6 helpers.
Run rabbit Run Routine.
Picture frame trick.
Spots or Dots
Motorised book with flying cards.
Empty me liquid pour.
Change bag routine.
You be the magician using 8 balls.
Peas and Pears
What are the odds (book prediction)
Pen and Teller Love trick

School Holiday Entertainment


Production (Appearance, multiplication)
Vanish (Obliteration, Disappearance)
Transposition (Change in location)
Transformation (Change in appearance)
Penetration (One solid through another)
Restoration (Making the destroyed whole)
Animation (The art of Movement) 

Max has many other  skills which  include:
Roving Close Up Magic.
Magic tricks for sale.
Balloon Modelling.
Kids birthday parties.
School Shows.

School Holiday Entertainment


Max will take you on an adventure into the exciting world of magic while using many of his props that he has acquired from all over the world. He performs routines which include all of the seven basic magic effects where he reads people’s minds, makes money appear out of nowhere, presents a moving drawing and makes dots appear before your eyes.

Regardless of the suburb where you live if you search for shopping centre school holiday activities or even free school holiday activities near me Max can help as he travels anywhere.

School Holiday Entertainment

School Holiday Entertainment

About Max
Happily married since 1994 with two kids, a boy and girl.

Extremely passionate ten pin bowler with 2 perfect 300 games.

In the AFL, Max follows the “Mighty Tigers!” and works for them at most of their matches each year.

As a child Max lived on a farm in Lakes Entrance, “Best times and awesome memories”.

His first job was in metal fabrication where he finished an apprenticeship to become a 1st class sheet metal worker.
This gave Max the skills to manufacture many magic props which he uses in each show.
He also has invented many tricks that he sells all over the world.

As a teenager Max became friends with a professional Magician, Dave Kaffey, who taught him some secret moves, the pass, palm, glimpse and also the coin roll. He still uses these skills in each show today.

Max started his professional magic career working as a Magician Melbourne party entertainer for an entertainment agency called Princess Candy & Friends.

 This is where his character name Max the Magician was established. After two years Max and his wife purchased this agency so to this day Gary’s character name Max the Magician lives on. If you need to hire a magician for a party look no further.
If you are interested in seeing Max perform at a public venue please contact us. We can let you know the many different locations he works at on a regular basis.

Max is always up to date with his:
Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
Working with Children Check # 00086272-03.
Flu vaccination.
Fully covid vaccinated 2-11-2021.