School Incursion Melbourne Enrichment For All

School Incursion Melbourne

School Incursion by Max the Magician and his wife Elissa.
Some schools call this EFA Enrichment For All
Program agenda:

1. Max performs each routine so the students can appreciate the WOW factor.
2. The students pair up and together choose the the routine of their choice that they wish to learn and perform.
3. Each routine includes scripted patter and the magic prop required to learn for the performance.
4. They practice and perform their routine each week with Max and Elissa to prepare for the show to all of the other students.

Previously Max and Elissa have done this over a five week block to allow time for teaching, practicing and also doing the other activities that are included in the program.
Other activities Max and Elissa include are: teaching the students how to do balloon modelling, performing additional magic routines each week to explain where the misdirection is required and how to execute it. Max also performs many other magic routines where he doesn’t explain how they are done.
This program can be adjusted to cater for your requirements for example you may require educational incursions.

The students are taught the importance of why not to reveal the secrets to anyone

OTHER SERVICES for example: earth and space sciences biological

Over the past twenty years Max has supplied education and entertainment at schools for all of the categories mentioned below:
S.T.E.A.M (For any subject Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)
The 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) magic show
School Fetes
School show magician is perfect for a Fundraising Event
General Magic Show / Balloon Modelling
School Sleepover
End of term Celebration’s

School Incursion Melbourne.

OTHER SERVICES for example: chemical sciences physical earth

Workshops – such as balloon modelling or magic classes.
Roving Close Up Magic
Kinder Graduations
We also offer Face painting, or performers who can apply the Temporary Glitter Tattoos 

Max can create an educational magic show to suit any S.T.E.A.M programme.
S.T.E.A.M based learning gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, displaying data, innovating, and linking multiple fields, teaching them how to think outside the box.

Primary school incursions Melbourne


Productions (Appearance, multiplication)
Vanishing (Disappearance, obliteration)
Transpositions (Change in location)
Transformations (Change in appearance)
Penetrations (One solid through another)
Restorations (Making the destroyed whole)
Animations (The art of Movement) 

Regardless of the suburb where you live if you search magician for kids party near me Max can help as he travels anywhere.

School Incursion Melbourne

School Incursion Melbourne Enrichment For All

Our performers are always up to date with their:
Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
Working with Children Check
Flu vaccination.
Fully covid vaccinated.

Other characters available:
Easter Bunny
Family Music Show
Captain Adam the Pirate
Stumbles the Clown
Max the Magician
Crystal the Clown
Winnie the Witch

We also offer:
Performers who can apply Temporary Glitter Tattoos.
Face painting.
Balloon Modelling.
Glitter Tattoos for sale.

School Incursion Melbourne