Magic Tricks for Sale

Magic tricks for sale


At the start of this routine, the Magician writes down 2 predicted cards on a blackboard (provided), and a predicted word from a book (also provided).

2 cards and a page number are freely chosen by a member of the audience which incredibly matches your prediction!
This trick absolutely amazes the audience!
They will lose sleep trying to work out how you did it!
Great routine for stage performances.


100’s of different tricks can be performed using this deck.
With this trick you can predict a chosen card, even before the deck is freely over-hand-shuffled by any member of the audience. when the deck is returned to you, their chosen card is cleanly revealed.
The Famous “Anycard Anywhere trick can be performed wit this prop. All you need to know is the overhand shuffle, no practice or secret moves are required.
You won’t need to spend hours practicing secret moves, this deck does it all for you.
This is the best present you can get anyone for many reasons for children or adults.
Great prop for Close-up Magic.


A different coloured ball is handed out from a material bag to 6 audience members without them seeing the colours.
One ball is left remaining in a material bag which is your prediction.
One of the six helpers if freely chosen to match the single coloured ball in the bag.
This is a great audience participation routine and was 
named from the audience’s reaction…
“It’s unbelievable!”
This is a great trick for roving around doing Close up magic.

Below are videos of the Magic Tricks for sale.

Please view any of the videos below which Max the Magician performs on a weekly basis at Children’s parties, School shows and while performing Roving Close Up Magic

All of the tricks Max has for sale were performed at Luna Park in Melbourne on Monday 5th April 2004 in the Worlds longest Magic Show which was 75 hours of non-stop magic.  483 separate spots were performed filled with 1177 tricks. No tricks were allowed to be repeated within 8 hours. Click here to view more information about this event.

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Close up and stage magic tricks for sale are made by Max the Magician.

Card routine called Goose Bumps
Magic trick called Shock
Prediction Traffic Lights / Caution